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1. Do we need to credit the photographer?

Generally no. However, if you are using the photograph in an editorial or news / media publication then you need to credit StockImagesWA alongside the photograph in a minimum 8pt font.

2. Is the model in the picture released?

By listing an image on Stock Images WA, all photographers guarantees that a valid model release in place where it is applicable. Should a model or property release issue arise, Stock Images WA will provide the Customer with the contact details of the registered photographer so the matter can be resolved.

PLEASE NOTE: As stated in our terms and conditions, Stock Images WA does not get involved in disputes between users of our website.

3. Can we request or commission a particular image that you don't have?

We keep track of all the searched key words and email photographers on a regular basis letting them know what clients are looking for. If you require an image you need commissioning, please contact us and we will endevour to put you in contact with best possible photographers.

4. What if I want to use the image for two applications?

Under the Stock Images WA terms and conditions, a non-exclusive and exclusive use license only permits you to use an image as part of a single campaign. Usage in an additional campaign requires you to buy a second license. In such circumstances you may wish to consider an Outright Purchase option.

5. I want to support local photographers, how do they benefit from Stock Images WA?

Photographers are paid a commission on the sale price of all their images that are licensed through Stock Images WA. Photographers are able to leverage their own library of images and are able to generate another income stream for their business.

6. I'm a graphic designer for a government organisation, do I need to sign-up or does my work sign-up?

You need to register and sign up individually as an 'authorised representative' on behalf of your organization. The images you purchase are subsequently licensed to your organization and not you personally. You can also establish 30-day VIP account (subject to approval) for your organization, which allows you to be invoiced for each individual sale rather than pay via credit card. We can then provide your organisation a monthly statement summarising all purchases made.

7. Who owns Stock Images WA?

Stock Images WA is owned by Stock Photography Pty Ltd and was established in 2009. The Directors of Stock Images WA are Chris Kershaw, a Western Australian Photographer, and James Ridgway, a Western Australian IT and Business Development specialist.

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Smiths Beach, Yallingup

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dog beach

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Regans Pool

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MRIT69 - South West Surfers Point Windsurf

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fishing boat

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