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1. Can I trust Stock Images WA with my work?

Yes you can – Stock Images WA has your interest at heart. Your success is our success so we protect your precious digital assets as though they are our own.

2. Exclusively listing my images scares me a little, what does this mean?

Exclusive listing your images with us gives the client a greater degree of protection, and therefore allows us to charge a premium price for the service. You can remove an image at any time, so if you have a better offer for it, go for it…but you need to bear in mind IF the image has been bought on an exclusive 12 month purchase you have to wait until that has lapsed before you can use it again.
Also, please note that if full rights to your image are purchased, then all ongoing rights to this image will be transferred to the purchaser.

3. What does ‘Outright Purchase’ product option mean?

Outright Purchase provides the client with the opportunity to purchase the full and ongoing rights to an image. Essentially this means you give up these rights in return for a higher commission. This would still be subject to the use policy listed in the Stock Images WA Terms and Conditions (Refer section 3.12 & 3.13) and would be on the basis that all active 12-month exclusive and non-exclusive licenses would remain intact until expired. Once an image is purchased outright it would be immediately removed from the website.

Importantly, the sale price for all ‘full rights’ transactions require the consent of the photographer who holds the image’s copyright. The transaction would be initiated through a ‘Request for Quotation’ process from the image’s details page. Stock Images WA would then liaise with you as the photographer to determine an acceptable sale price and we would relay this to the prospective purchaser. As a guide, the RRP for an outright purchase is $1,750 Inc GST.

4. How much will I be paid?

Stock Images WA has a base commission of 30% however photographers high selling photographers or photographers with large catalogues may attract higher commissions.

5. How do I receive my sales commission?

All commissions are paid monthly based on the total sales commissions that are generated during the previous month. Please refer to the Stock Images Terms and Conditions for further information.
In order for Stock Images WA to pay your sales commission you must present us with a valid tax invoice for the amounts listed in the sales report. Please ensure you quote your ABN on your invoice.

6. What about GST? How will this effect my BAS?

For GST purposes all commission payments are based on their being a 'principal-agent taxable supply arrangement' in place. As a result, you are considered to be a supplier to Stock Images WA and you need to add 10% GST to the commission generated from the sale of your images.

International photographers and those not registered for GST will receive the NETT GST commission shown in your online Sales Report. A valid tax invoice is still required showing nil GST has been included.

Refer to the ATO website for further clarification - http://www.ato.gov.au.

7. Who will buy my Images?

Our buyers represent a wide range of industries, which incorporates graphic designers, public relations, marketing managers, ad agencies, journalists and small business owners; all of which are in urgent need of truly Western Australian stock images.

8. What Kind of images do you need?

We need all kind of images, but the most requested will always be images that define the Western Australian Lifestyle. Regular updates will be forwarded to our registered photographers providing a list of the most popular images our clients search for.

9. What about copyright and model release?

Unless an image is purchased outright you retain all Copyright. However, in listing a photograph with Stock Images WA, you make allow us to sublicense use of the photograph or sell full and ongoing copyright to our customers. Refer to section 7 of the Terms and Conditions.

In relation to Model Release, you are responsible and liable for any and all model and property release issues. We can and will request copies of model release forms from time to time. As per the Stock Images WA Terms and Conditions, any disputes that arise in relation to images listed on our website will be between our customers and you.

10. What about image quality?

Stock Images WA aims to provide access to the highest standard of imagery. As a result, only images shot with professional equipment able to achieving a high resolution output will be accepted. We will NOT accept ‘point and shoot’ low resolution images. All images submitted for approval will be thoroughly evaluated for quality prior to being listed on our website.

11. Can you give me an overview of how I get my images on Stock Images WA?
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